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keychain from collection no. 3

item information:
sturdy keychain with a clip on one end and a loop for your keys on the other. also looks great when you have it hooked on your chlystadt shorts

sizing information:
one size, ca. 10cm long

designed, refined and assembled in CH

A gust of wind and water washes a fresh catch of Chlystadt Collection aboard.
If you are like us, you’re seeking a vacation on a large sailboat somewhere in the Ocean. Our new collection may not put you on that boat, but it sure makes you look like you were there!
Embark the coastal port, venture into the sea, navigate your sailboat by following the stars, look like you know how to mount a spinnaker-sail and which side is the lee- or windward.

Welcome aboard our summer collection!

  • Image of keychain
  • Image of keychain